Budget and Finance

Contact the Clerk/RFO if you have any questions about the following:

Coronavirus Lockdown And Delegated Decision Making

The Parish Council (in light of the advice at the time of lockdown) decided to stop meeting and cancelled the Parish Council meeting due to take place on 26 March 2020.  The Parish Council held its first meeting since January 2020 in a virtual meeting room on Thursday 25 June 2020.  To ensure business continuity (between January and June):

Financial decisions were made using the Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer’s delegated powers in Financial Regulations and Standing Orders.  The Clerk/RFO exercised these powers in consultation with the full Council, Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Bank Reconciliations continued to be approved by the Parish Councillor who has this responsibility and who is not a cheque signatory.  Bank Reconciliations were shared with Parish Councillors electronically.

Schedule of Payments were temporarily prepared by the Clerk/RFO under her delegated powers  but instead of going to a Parish Council meeting were being shared electronically with Members and the Schedule of Payments was being signed off by two Parish Councillor who are also cheque signatories.

On 1 April 2020 the following was processed for payment  Voucher Nos 56/1-67 – ScheduleOfPayments 20200401

On 1 April 2020 the following was processed for payment Voucher No 1 – Schedule of Payments April 20

On 23 May 2020 the following was processed for payment Voucher Nos 2-14 – ScheduleOfPayments 20200523

Budget 2020/21

The Parish Council agrees its annual budget at the November 2019 meeting and this is the basis for the Precept which is an element of your Council Tax.

The Budget for 2020/21 is available to download here:  Budget 20_21

Financial Management

At each meeting a Schedule of Payments is presented to the Parish Council for approval by the Clerk who is the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) and these will be available to download here.



Quarterly Accounts

Each quarter accounts are presented by the Clerk who is the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) to the Parish Council – these go to July, November, January and May Parish Council Meetings and are uploaded after approval at meetings.


Year End Accounts 2019/20

The Year End Accounts for 2019/20 are available to download here: Year End 19_20

Internal and External Audit 2019/20

Each year the Parish Council’s Year End Accounts are audited by an Internal Auditor whose report is available to download here: St Cuthbert Without Parish Council March 2020 V2

The Parish Council also publishes an Annual Governance and Accounting Statement which is externally audited because either payments or receipts exceed £25,000.  The Annual Governance and Accounting Statement 2019/20 is available to download here:  AGAR 19_20  _bank_reconciliation_2019-20   explanation_of_variances_2019-2

Parishioners have the right to inspect and copy the accounts for 19/20 -see attached statutory notice which explains when you can do this and what your rights are: Notice 19_20