Members of the public can see the details of applications using the following link and submit comments to Carlisle City Council who are the Planning Authority –

(Please note LBC is Listed Building Consent)

21/0485 1 North Park Cottages,Brisco CA4 0RA.  Erection of First and Ground Floor Extensions.  Deadline for comments 15 June 2021.

20/0015 3 Pennine Way CA1 3GX.  Residential Development (Outline) Deadline for comments is 15 June 2021.

21/0553 Barn Adjacent to Greenlands, Wreay.  Change of Use of Barn.  1no Dwelling (Revised Application) Deadline for comments 29 June 2021.

21/0556 Land South of Newbiggin View, Durdar.  Formation of Compound Area With Associated Vehicular Access Required to Enable Installation of Railway Auxiliary Supply Point to Maintain Power Supply in Event of Power Failure.  Deadline for comments 30 June 21.