Members of the public can see the details of applications using the following link and submit comments to Carlisle City Council who are the Planning Authority –

(Please note LBC is Listed Building Consent)

20/0500 L/A Carleton Farm CA1 3TY.  Erection of 50 No Dwellings (Including 20% Affordable) With Associated Infrastructure and Open Space.  Deadline for comments 15 April 2021.

Meeting of the Parish Council were cancelled in March 2020 due to Coronavirus and lockdown (so the last meeting was in January 2020).  The Parish Council has now resumed meetings  in a virtual meeting room.

The following observations were made to the Planning Authority using the Clerk/RFO’s delegated powers in consultation with all the Councillors during lockdown when meetings were cancelled:

Planning DelegationList 01062020 (docx)

Planning-Delegation-List-16062020 (pdf)