Parish News

Carlisle South Link Road

The planning application has been out for consultation with the aim to submit for planning approval soon.

Key Decisions at the Parish Council Meeting 28 November 2019

Cllr L Cameron (Parklands Ward) resigned as she is moving out of the Parish – notices have been displayed on noticeboards in Parklands asking if electors want the City Council to call a by-election.

Precept 2020/21 – agreed to increase the Precept for 20/21 by £1000.00.  The Parish Council’s Precept is one of the lowest in Carlisle City Area.

Conservation Proposals for Brisco and Wreay advertised on noticeboards and included a public open meeting but Council felt that all households should have  been consulted and agreed to distribute a simple survey to all households using a pre-paid postcard to enable the Parish Council to respond by 6 January 20 deadline.

Working Group Set Up to Develop Proposals for a Questionnaire to go to all in the Parish asking about their views on the three options  proposed by the City Council for the St Cuthbert Garden Village. Group to report back on progress to the next Parish Council Meeting.