Parish News

Key Decisions at the Parish Council Meeting 30 January 2020

Conservation Proposals for Wreay – the Council considered the results of postcard consultation and the other materials it had received from Parishioners (Petition and Letters) and decided on balance that the majority were against the proposals for Wreay and as representatives of the Parishioners that the Parish Council would advise the City Council that it was not supportive of the proposals.

Grass Cutting Contract – Invitation to Tender  StCw_GrassCutting_ITT2020(Comp) Contractors are invited to tender by 12 March 2020.  Decision on awarding grass cutting contract for 2020-23 to be made at next meeting.

Tree Maintenance Work – changes agreed including removing some trees in Wreay as now transferred to school ownership and new planting at Wragmire Moss to be 20 trees from a range of native species.