Parish News

St Cuthbert’s Garden Village

Parish Councillors attended a workshop (run by Carlisle City Council) on the proposals for the St Cuthbert’s Garden Village on Thursday 14 June 2018.  The workshop was a lively event.  The input from the Parish Councillors was welcomed by the City Council.

The City Council will be launching another public consultation exercise very soon.

Key Decisions at the Annual Council Meeting 24 May 2018

  • Cllr Dave Pearson was voted as Chair and Cllr Rachel Taylor as Vice Chair;
  • The North West Ambulance Service to be asked to come to the next Parish Council Meeting to talk about the implications of installing defibrillators in the Parish;
  • St Cuthbert’s Garden Village to be a standing item on the agenda; and
  • Parish Council to join with County and City Councillor T. Allison and others in investigating what speed calming measures could be installed at Brisco Crossroads.