Full applications can be viewed on the Carlisle City Council Planning Web Pages

19/0127 Barrock View Wreay CA4 0RL Erection of Replacement Agricultural Workers Dwelling (Revised Application) (Deadline for comments 11 March 2019)
19/0131 Wentworth House 2 Cumwhinton Drive CA1 3HX. Erection of Detached Garage (Deadline for comments 12 March 2019)
19/0025/SNBN Land NE of 39-81 Beverley Rise CA1 3RX Proposed Street Naming for Erection of 50No Dwellings (Deadline for comments 21 March 2019)
19/0173 Park End Carleton CA1 3DY Certificate of Lawful Existing Development for The Continued Unrestricted Residential Occupation of Park End (Deadline for comments 26 March 2019)
19/0185 Land Bounded by Hammonds Park, Oaklands Drive and Durdar Road Erection of 104(No) Dwellings (Revision of Previously Approved Permission 12/0793 Phase 3b To Increase Number of Dwellings From 89(No) to 104(No). And Reconfiguration of Layout. (Deadline for comments 21 March 2019)