Full applications can be viewed on the Carlisle City Council Planning Web Pages Members of the public can see and make comments on planning applications using that link.

19/0546 Howsgill Farm, Carleton CA4 0BS. Erection of nSingle Storey Rear Extension to Provide Sunroom.  Frontage Bounday Wall to Replace Hedge and Field Access (deadline for comments 6 August 2019)

19/0542 2 Carleton Hill Cottage, Cocklakes CA4 OBS.  Front and Rear Single Storey Extension to Provide Additional Living Accommodation;Installation of 1st Storey Balcony to Rear Elevation (deadline for comments 6 August 2019)

19/0523 15 The Willows, Durdar CA2 4UP.  Erection of Summer House in Rear Garden (deadline for comments 25 July 2019)

19/0066 L/A The Green, Wreay.  Amendments/Further  Information (deadline for comments 18 July 2019)

19/0496 Park End, Carleton CA1 3DY. Certificate of Lawful Existing Development For The Continued Unrestricted Residential Occupation of Park End (deadline for comments 16 July 2019)

19/0185 (amended) Land bounded by Hammonds Pond, Oaklands Drive and Durdar Road – Notification of amended details/further information (deadline for comments 4 July 2019).